Thursday 29 October 2015

Marie on Monday

 Every Monday there is a drawing session.The 2nd of November there's a still life, and Pim will explain how to actually get that on paper, see, feel and measure the perspective and give it a twist! If you are going, take some pictures of the still life, the drawings and maybe even of the people working!

Pim and I alternate, so Monday the 26th there was a live class. The group was huge and I just took some random pictures - but they give a very good impression of our beautiful model Marie - and of the high level of our drawers!!

 It is completely free to draw what and how you want - so if you want to practise your portrait skills, that's fine! If you go for artistic expression, that's fine too! Just tell me in advance...

 Because there is an exhibition coming up with a theme, 'Circus', Marie, our model, who has actually worked in a circus, brought her hoop, and posed with it. For the short poses (1 and 2 minutes) during the warming up she beautifully balanced with it. No pictures of that, but we are going to repeat this on 9 November and I will make sure you get to see the results!

There were four new participants, Agnes, Arturo, Jacqui and Nadine. Already called the fab four - because they produced several great drawings!

Thursday 22 October 2015

Print Making Class at the Hangar from 30 October!

Printmaking Class with artist Gabriela Boiangiu
Friday 14:00-16:30 starting the 30th of October.
Come and explore the world of mono-printing, surface and lino printing at the Hangar.

This class will allow you to explore a new technique in a friendly and supportive environment. No previous art or printmaking experience is required. In order to give this new experience a whole chance I suggest that a sequence of three consecutive classes are attended. All tools and materials will be provided for these first three classes.
Additional classes are independent of each other and students can come when it is convenient and pick a project up and develop it in an individual manner.

Friday 30 October - Open afternoon: FREE!
50 Euro for the first three classes (all tools and equipment included)
20 Euros for following classes (basic materials included, and additional larger pieces and tools available to buy)
90 Euros for a block five classes (to be used within two months from purchase)

Sign up by emailing Gabriela via or via the subscription list in the Hangar!

Gabriela Boiangiu (

"Romanian by birth, I consider myself a citizen of the World. I lived in the UK for 16 years and now I have just moved in the South of France. I am a passionate artist and teacher and I believe teaching is an integral part of my career.
Creating art makes me a better person and I believe everybody has a creative element in them which is only waiting to be brought to life or to light. I like helping people discover their inner creative strength."

For examples of her printmaking work, please visit:

NB: Gabriela will also start a series of workshops on creating 'Christmas Cards' , it will be announced soon, so watch this space!!!

Friday 16 October 2015

Live Model on Monday

Every other Monday there's a live class, a drawing session of 2 hours with a nude model -and a tea coffee cookies break in the middle, because it wears you out!
We always start with a warming up in which the model turns every one or 2 minutes, for a slightly different perspective.
After that you are supposed to 'know' the model, and we're going for the longer poses! From 10 or 20 minutes to 1 hour...

Some love to work longer on one pose, others (like Patience, see above) make a lot of drawings, choosing other spots to draw from during a long pose...
These are variations on the long pose, seen through 5 different sets of eyes:

 Peter (working with ink and a brush made of lavender twigs)
 Peter (classic charcoal)
 Peter (back to the lavender, other spot)
There is always a great atmosphere in this class, there are starters and professional artists and everyone in between. French, English, German, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish, Norwegian and Greek participants, and more of you are always welcome!

Friday 9 October 2015

Picking up Your Artwork from Theoule

Date:    Dimanche, 11 octobre 2015
Heure:     les retraits se feront en ordre alphabétique selon votre nom de famille:
-    Les noms commençant de ‘A’ à ‘K’:     9:00h – 11:00h
-    Les noms commençant de ‘L’ à ‘Z’:     14:00h – 16:00h.    

Le Hangar n’est pas responsable pour des oeuvres d’art qui ne sont pas retirées avant 17:00h le dimanche, 11 octobre par le propriétaire ou la personne désignée.
Date:    Sunday, 11 October 2015
Time:    collection is in alphabetical order according to your last name:
-    Names starting with ‘A’ to ‘K’:      9:00 am – 11:00 am
-    Names starting with ‘L’ to ‘Z’:       2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.    

The Hangar is not responsible for any works of art that have not been collected by 5:00pm on Sunday, 11 October by the owner or his/her assignee.

Thursday 8 October 2015

Report of a Wednesday afternoon in Theoule

by Nelly & Marina
--- Wednesday 7 October

We spent the afternoon in the Espace Culturel in Theoule, where the Hangar Exhibition is  beautifully installed - until Saturday 10 October... We loved it, and noticed a lot of red dots already!

There were plenty of visitors, many of them had questions, and we were delighted to hear from most of them that they were impressed with the quality of the work. And they didn't only express their appreciation in spoken or written words...
In this picture you see visitors come in straight from the beach, folding chair under the arm. In the left corner, people are admiring a painting that they later purchased! We felt very satisfied with around 50 visitors, 3 fresh sales closed and 1 option!! 
Here are some other pictures we took:

Nelly proudly checks out work from her group

Marina admiring Christie's blue eagle

Heiko the piano player passed by again and played a brilliant recital 'under the watercolours'

Aquarelles by Agnès and Edith, enjoyed by Marina...

 Nelly as photographer

One very good and stylish corner in the Espace...

...and another one...

Two days to go - if you haven't been yet, go there to have a look, it will definitely be more than worth your time! 

Cathie van der Stel -in l'Officiel!!

As announced before, Aquarellista and Hangar member Cathie van der Stel has been sought out to publish one of her beautiful paintings in the October issue of the wonderful Glossy 'L'Officiel Australia'. And we finally have a copy!! It is SO fabulous, There's a 'Contributors' page that features Cathie, next to Derek Henderson, famous Australian Photographer, Samara Bandine, a Colombian illustrator, who has already designed 3 covers for l'Officiel  (also the picture that you see above), Adam Flipp -a well-known fashion photographer from New Zealand and Oleg Soroko a furniture designer who has 'Fluid Elegance' as inspiration. Certainly the best of the best!

Here's the text (and we're in it too!!):

Australian-born artist Cathie van der Stel is now based in the south of France. Putting aside her French antique export business, she has shifted her focus to art. Van der Stel specialises in portraits, architectural renderings and reproducing furnitures and collectibles found at local markets in France. She was trained in Fina Art in Grasse (France) and is a member of an ever-evolving group of artists known as 'the Aquarellistas' in Chateauneuf de Grasse.

And here's the page with the painting... On the mirror is written with lipstick: 'The world is your oyster, you are the pearl'. So cool...

Here's a bigger version of the the actual painting:
Congratulations with this fantastic achievement Cathie!! I think I speak for everyone when I say we're very proud and happy to have you in our watercolour group!