Wednesday 30 March 2016

Wednesday Acrylics - with Pim de Jongh

Everyone happily painting with acrylic paint on canvas, with Pim as teacher, helper and inspirator. An atelier libre for all artists who love working with acrylics in a warm and uplifting atmosphere, where it doesn't matter if you drop a bit of paint!!

Friday 25 March 2016

Pim's Easter Monday Abstract Class Cancelled

 Easter Monday 28 March there are no classes in the Hangar...

 No morning Life class with Marina

 No afternoon abstract class with Pim
No evening abstract class with Pim *)

*) you can reach him for more info on 06 33 80 57 08

Enjoy your day-off!!

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Workshop: Artists and their online profiles

Two half day workshops aimed at professional and amateur artists who might like to develop their online presence and portfolio. Places are limited so please book in time to avoid disappointment. (Only two places left at the moment)

When, where and how?
Two mornings Thursday 31 March and Thuesday 7 April: 9:00-13:00 with a well deserved break
Bring your own laptop
Please remember you have to be able to commit to both sessions
Price: €50 for both sessions

What would you be learning?
Use a template to design your own website: 
Choose the one that works for you, get insights on what is the cheapest platform.

Learn how to make your website consistent and catchy.

Use an online shop to promote and sell your artwork:

Use other online platforms to promote your work.

What would you have to bring?
Your own laptop
Your enthusiasm and interest in the subject (no previous experience needed)
Desirable:An updated CV
Good digital images of your work, some images of you at work
Some interesting phrases that describe your work or your interests and projects.
Ideas for prices.
Digital images of details of your artwork
Some examples of other artists websites that you like (initial research)

Please email me if interested or if you may like more details: Gabriela Boiangiu

Thursday 17 March 2016

Wednesday all day: painting in Acrylics - with Pim

 Every Wednesday there's an Acrylics class with Pim de Jongh! For those of you who are not coming because you assume it is too full - it isn't, so come again - and when in doubt call Pim or email Gonnie... There's so much fun and inspiration to be found...



Wednesday 9 March 2016

How-to: paint a portrait

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Aquarellistas portrait project: we started painting our own eyes and noses - with a mirror. That worked out very well and taught us how to mix skin- eye and lip colour, but not yet the proportions. We did that last time, and I realized that that is probably interesting information for everyone who paints a face from time to time, so here's the gist. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them via 'Comments'!

First of all - you probably all recognize this: a painting can get away with you. Usually that's a good thing, it gives your artwork your personal touch, makes it creative, special and interesting.

But for a portrait it is different. Eh, let me rephrase that - if your goal is a realistic portrait that bears resemblance to the person, it makes a difference. There are a couple of easy-to-remember rules of thumb*) that you can always use when painting a portrait:


For the resemblance, the eyes are most important, but if the pose is 'full frontal', resemblance is more difficult to achieve because you don't get essential information about the nose: it is flattened. Most portraits are 3/4 view, where you see the outline of the nose, and still almost all of the face. Exceptional is 'en profil' -although that often gives a lot of character- because it merciless shows the features

Very important is that the eyes are in the middle of the skull. So there's as much space above the eyes (forehead and hair) as below (face). Note that also in a face there is perspective - things that are closer appear larger.
The space between the eyes is approximately the width of the bottom of the nose = the width of an eyeball
The bottom of the nose is the middle of the face (from eyebrows to chin)

Eyes: in a normal expression the Irises are not round (only in a surprised or frightened expression), they are flattened.
 Eye-white is not really white. Only the reflections (or highlights) are white

Nose: There is always shadow under the nose, full face you hardly see the holes and the nostrils are usually soft lines. Be careful with the length of the nose especially when painting children, even a big nose is shorter that you think.

Mouth: The upper lip is darker than the lower lip (shadow on it). The mouth (incl corners) is approximately as wide as two eyes...

Important to know: like eye-white, teeth are never really white...

Ears: are longer that you would think - they reach at least from the middle of your eyes to the mouth

*) there are exceptions! but in general these rules work well.

Of course there is so much more - but this should get you started... Good luck!

Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Chateauneuf Project - Monday mornings with Pim

 It was already mentioned in you invitation for the café culture of 30 March, there is something going on in Pm's drawing class on the Monday Morning... 

The group is working on an a-ma-zing project!!
A spectacular view on the village of Chateauneuf, drawn very precise in ink - and then cut out so that it becomes a 3D image. You will have to come and see for yourself to really appreciate it, but here's a part-preview:

 Thanks to Hélène and Peter for the pictures!!

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Woop woop! Our Watercolour teacher Marina Kulik posted the following on the Aquarellista! blog:
In December last year, a contest was announced in my all-time favourite magazine "l'Art de l'Aquarelle". (the French and original version of "The Art of Watercolour"). The theme was "du figuratif vers l'abstrait" and as you may know that's what I like to do with my watercolours, so I sent in one of my favourites. It is called 'the turbulent conception of Luc', created on a big sheet of handmade paper. With a picture of me because that's what they asked too.
The turbulent conception of Luc
Aquarelle on handmade paper
70x90 cm
Of course then we had the new year festivities and other distracting stuff and I completely forgot about it... Until Sandra and later Christiane congratulated me - because guess what, my painting was the runner-up! How cool, especially with the Jury's Opinion:
"Une idée compliquée mais traduite avec élégance. Une fois que nous avons dépassé la conception originale, nous comprenons l'idée de la peinture sans lire le titre.
Encore une fois une idée originale, bien exécutée."
Which translates into something like "A complicated idea but translated with elegance. Once we grasped the original design, we understand the concept of the painting without reading the title.
Once more an original idea, well executed
."Fingers crossed that it will also be featured in the English version of the magazine, I will keep you posted - and I am a proud happy bunny anyway!!
The next 'Concours' is about drawing and watercolours, if that's your thing, you can participate here: