Wednesday 2 December 2020

Pim's art in Le Relais in Les Adrets!

Today I went to Le Relais in Les Adrets to deliver a couple of Aquarellista Cookbooks and pick up some yummy takeaway (scroll down for menu and link, really recommended!!!) 
Of course the restaurant is closed, but when you order a meal you can wait inside - and when looked at the walls I saw work of... PIm!!
It is a modest collection, but it looks really good on their walls. I only took some pictures as proof, I know you 'll want to see it for real, so give the owners Rob & Mark a call and order some of their fab food. (For the dutchees: they have kroketjes!) They can use our support in these difficult times...
The restaurant is in the centre of Les Adrets, less than a half hour drive from the Hangar!
Address: 4 rue Grande, 83600 Les Adrets de l'Esterel, Phone: +33 4 94 53 50 92

Here's the take away menu -with family discount- for this week: