Wednesday 25 January 2017

Watch out: Beautiful Watercolours below!

From eyecandy to picture perfect to downright gorgeous, the paintings, created on an average Tuesday Aquarellista Afternoon. I love my group!

First of all - the still life! We have one every week. This fabulous stuffed pheasant-like bird (input on name most welcome) that Tana had with her was so attractive that 3 aquarellistas started working on it:


Michele C

André (will be finished next session)

Then there were vintage shoe stretchers and shoe-making tools, they are not easy - but the paintings in progress are already very promising:

Elia B.
From last time there was still work to do on the scarves, all finished theirs - and Celina started a new one in her typical style - note the complimentary colour combinations...



And last but by no means least,  the waterclours outside the suggested subjects. They are awesome:
Octavia St Lauren tby Sandra

Lobster potsby Liz

The Essence of Amy by  Sandra

Scarecrows by Agnès

 Candy jar by Carol


Pears in Progress by Tana

Ballerinas by Sylvie

Sunday 22 January 2017

Saturday Morning - Acrylic painting with Pim

Great results achieved on 21 January 2017!! 

 1/2 : Anya


4- Francine
5- Agnès F.



Friday 20 January 2017

Life Drawing on Monday Morning

Every other Monday morning there's a life drawing class with a nude. 
It is a very good way to start your artistic week with a boost! Lots of eye-hand coordination, concentration and getting 'out of comfort zone'. Of course we also have fun, coffee or tea and cookies.

Last Monday, Véronique was our model. She is beautiful and lovely, she has character - and she doesn't sit very still! In other words, quite difficult to draw.
We always start with warming up, poses of 1 minute (in which there's no time to think!) Often the best, most spontaneous drawings are created during that one minute. Here's an example:
 1 minute poses, with pen
After the warming up we draw (or paint) 2 other poses, of 10 and 20 minutes, and finish with a one-hour pose. Here are some drawings of the sessions:

 Black paper and pastel
 Wild combi of charcoal and pastel
 Excellent example of 'closer = bigger' + study for a foot

 Study of  the 'ladyparts' on black paper

 Very atmospheric lazy pose
 Excellent drawing with closer = bigger hand

If you are interested to follow a class you can pop in coming Monday - or else drop me an email: I have a starters group on Friday morning, and an 'atelier libre' at the same time - and both can still handle a couple more participants...

Thursday 19 January 2017

Look what came out of the kiln

When things come out of the kiln after the first firing they look so plain and ordinary. After the second firing when they have glaze on, its quite a different story. Take a look !

Andrea' mother and baby whale

Sabines abstract people

Totally abstract by Frances

Sculpture planning is not easy. You start with wet clay. Let it dry, fire it the first time. Glaze it and fire it the second time. Sometimes you just start too late. Today we took out lots of Christmas decorations. The good thing is that they will last til next year.

A ceramic christmas tree
Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments