Monday 28 July 2014

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30 with Marina Kulik

Very sunny bougainvilla by Brenda

It is warm and sunny in the South of France - with a good heavy storm from time to time... The Aquarellista group enjoys both - and we work in the Hangar under a couple of great old fashioned ventilators...
Last week some of us painted once more for our 'Demoiselles' show in September, and others chose other subjects like the gorgeous flowers of Brenda, above, and those of Tricia - which were painted from a bunch she picked around the Hangar.

Detail of Tricia's bunch of flowers. She kept the paintng fresh and spontaneous! 
Very well done - I hope to show the finished product next week...

Another aquarelle, very surrealistic and certainly with a story behind it - by Edith

A lovely Demoiselle in stone by Liz

 I absolutely adore this tiny little pink dress by Sandra. It will certainly be in the expo!!

 This is an aquarelle/pendrawing on which Sandra is still working. 
Very interesting: she often uses poetry and handwriting in her work.

Tomorrow is our last session before the summer break. We will stay in touch with each other and I still have things to post now and then. We will get together in the beginning of September, and you can of course count on messages from me. Although they will be slightly less frequent! I wish all our readers and followers a fab-tastic summer! Enjoy the sun and try to put a watery-wet brush on paper from time to time - it is so rewarding!!

Sunday 27 July 2014

Hangar Abstract paintings on the move. News from Exposition in Gordes village.

An update on our exposition in Gordes. We have set up Friday and Saturday. All paintings in the cars, off we went:
Gordes is famous for its Chateaux, so here a view of the place central and chateaux. The Espace des Arts is just off this central square , where you find nice restaurants and shops and the tourist office. 
We put our affiche on a stand to show where to find us,
 And so you find the entrance of the exposition in the old village house , with its beautiful view from 4 windows over the valley around Gordes.

Inside you find a central wide and long hallway, with on either side 2 rooms.

Walls are high and white, so we are very happy how our works show.

Tatiana sculptures on beautiful stands make the show complete.

So the exposition is open till August 8th, every day from 11-8.
We would be delighted to meet you there, if not this gives a nice overview.
Will be continued and Thanks for watching,

Tatiana, Michele, Karin, Sylvia + Imme

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Groundwork @ the Hangar!!

While Pim's wednesday class was peacefully painting, our dear neighbour, the 'Apériculteur', who has become a great friend of Pim, offered to upgrade our sewage system as he was doing his anyway.

What a wonderful gift!! It is a lot of work - and he even installed a 'filtrage' for the outside tap so that and we will be able to rinse our acrylic brushes guilt-free... And last but not least he actually will also repair the roof of the toilet.

We appreciate it so very much! I'm sure one day we will be able to do something back, but for now, every time you visit the loo or wash your brushes, think a positive thought towards our neighbour (and his friend) and  just remember that this is a really good guy!!

From EXPO in Valbonne on to Gordes, Hangar Abstract artists are on the move.

After a week of lots of visitors, admirers and buyers, Sylvia and me are sitting down for a last glass of wine together.
Thanks Valbonne and Gallery CasaBlu!
We had a great time.

Now preparing for a 2 week's exposition in ESPACE DES ARTS in Gordes, starting this Saturday. Gordes is one of the most beautiful villages of France.The area around is also worth a visit for a day or 2. Menerbes, Lourmarin, Isle sur Sorgue surrounded with beautiful landscapes....

Tatiana Koltchine, Karin Fellinger, Sylvia van der Weide, Michele de Laat en me are off  to a new adventure. See affiche for details.
will be continued....

Monday 21 July 2014

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Girls & Grapes

Two nudes by Anna-Karin

More preparations for the September expo, as you can see from the themes... Apart from our 50 small paintings it turns out that there is space for bigger work as well. Great news - and more work to create ☺

 Sculpture with grapes, a larger painting in the making by Liz

 Elia B. finished hers
 Demoiselle - part of her series. By Agnès

Nude, quick, coloured sketch by Anna-Karin
 Grapes in Ikea Bowl - Anna-Karin

 The corks, finished. by Cathie

 Still life with grapes by Constanza. 
Already very good and going to be even better when finished

Mouse and wine by Elia. 
It was finished - and then she decided to put red wine in the bottle! Improving the whole image.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Vote for Anne Holtermann

Anne Holtermann – one of our Hangar artists - is also an interior designer. She bought a maisonette not far from where she lives in St. Paul and has done a really good job of making it something special.
She entered some pictures in a competition and was chosen as one of the finalists!
The public is going to choose the winner.

You can vote once every day until August 6th on this site:

Go to “best bedroom space amateur”

Then click 'Anne Holtermann' and VOTE...

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Expo Imme and Sylvia: Casablù, from 15 - 20 July

Just Opened Today!

Colorful and exciting exhibition of paintings and jewelry from Sylvia en Imme.  
They love to welcome you.
Here's an impression: