Monday 22 September 2014


Until 14 January 2015, the watercolours of the Aquarellista group will be on display in the lovely Chateau des Demoiselles! We did our best to create an interesting combination of small and larger works.
 Liz and Tricia putting up paintings

Chateau des Demoiselles is in La Motte in the Var, a one-hour drive from the Hangar. We can recommend a visit, a walk through the vineyards and a winetasting there! It is really worthwhile - and their wines are excellent! They are also enthusiastic promotors of art, that's why they organise exhibitions on a regular basis.

Visit their site for more information:


We would love to see you on our opening night, Friday 26 September, from 6 - 8 pm.
A wonderful opportunity to check out our artwork, have some wonderful nibbles and last but not least sample the quality wines of the chateau!

The Exhibitors are:
Agn├Ęs McLaughlin, Anna-Karin Fast, Beverly Ellsley, Cathie van der Stel, Constanza Rock, Elia B., Liz Douglas, Marina Kulik, Mieke van Papen, Orjan Rinnert, Pauline Bull, Sandra Seymour-Dale and Tricia Bennett!

Sunday 21 September 2014

Sunday 21 September: Open Day!

 Visitors having a look at the Watercolours demonstrations by Cathie van der Stel and Christiane Halsey
 Members visiting to have a coffee and a chat

Oil painting demonstrations by Bev and Helen Humphreys
And by the way - have you seen the new and improved side of our building?! Nelly and Pim did an amazing job there and it looks all colourful and very artistic!

Friday 19 September 2014

Live model drawing on Monday mornings (10 - 12)

Every other Monday morning we have a live class in the Hangar. We start with a warming up, with a couple of very short poses and we finish (after a well-deserved coffee break) with one long pose.
And after that, at 12 o'clock, everybody is exhausted! (in a good way...)

Sunday 14 September 2014

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

 Last weeks number one cute is Elia's Snow Fox pup. Melt...

And next, three potentials for our expo in Chateau des Demoiselles by Bev:

 Happy couple on the beach

 Clown fish


 Unfinished but already gorgeous cork-work by Cathie

Shiny Cina by Liz

 Our new mate Maryse, who has painted before but never in watercolours, worked quickly through the exercises and then produced this wonderful abstract - in her favourite colours...

Tricia created a very lively and light bunch of flowers, with the help of salt, paint and a lot of water...

 And in the meantime in Sweden... Orjan is working with watercolours as well, thinking of us - and now has his illustration published in the newspaper:

Magpie with cherries by Orjan

Monday 8 September 2014

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik


And we're back (with a vengeance I might add) and it was so good to work together again... Of course we're extra motivated as the exhibition in Chateau des Demoiselles comes closer!
I brought a bowl of homegrown fruits and nuts, and ingredients for 'Infused Water'. The results are impressive!!

An impression by Tricia, our own Shirley Trevana

 a little still life with great colours by Liz

A minimalist view on the figs & leaves by Constanza...

 ...and the big-brush version by Anna-Karin...


 Visitor Renate (first time aquarelle!) created a fab suggestion of 'glass jar' with fruit & water!
It is clear that she has talent

 Patience is a sculptor who visited for once and has her own style. She painted the glass in her typical impressionist way, I love it!

On the other side of the spectrum, another future masterpiece by Cathie! 
The shiny stuff is masking fluid - can't wait to see the finished work...

 Three more great coloured pieces of fun with watercolours by Tricia!

 Indian summer in... we think it might be Vence... Liz?

 Liz's stone relief demoiselle. What a character.

 A demoiselle doggy (I hear she knows what she wants) by Bev
 Demoiselle out in Africa by Agnes


 Fantastic abstract, created by Patience, doodling!! I'd love to see more of this

 More by Patience, this one is based on a green candle and a bright orange sponge...
And last but not least, this watercolour by Edith may be for the expo as it has lots to do with demoiselles, suffering in their beautiful high heels - as this painting suggests!

Sunday 7 September 2014

Christie Robinson will be restarting her classes on Thursday 11th September.
They will run from 10.00 to 16.00 with a short break for lunch.

The classes will begin with making a sculpture in clay and then move on to discover working in plaster and cement.

Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced sculptors.
For further info. please contact her on 06 19 65 01 02 or

Here you can see some of our work:
Sculptures in clay by Anne Beaurin

A masterpiece by John D.

Another John D. original

Tracy Greenwoods work in clay

Christie's work

A Celina Schou original in clay