Tuesday 7 August 2018

Hangar Daytrip to Bargème

On 23 July, instead of having a drawing class in the Hangar, 10 enthusiasts went in 3 cars (and 1 bike) to draw the amazingly beautiful and quite unspoilt medieval village of Bargème.,
9am we drove away from the Hangar, along beautifully winding roads, going higher and higher because Bargème is on the top of the Route Napoléon. - 1097m high to be exact!
Pim and Marina had promised everyone a beautiful view and great spots to draw - and they had not exaggerated:despite the blistering heat we all were in awe, of the ruins, the village itself,  the little streets with beautiful flowers everywhere and the breathtaking views! 
We all sat down in overshadowed spots, and started drawing... Lovely work was created, and the few tourists who were in the village all came to admire the artists! 
Around noon we met up in the lovely restaurant 'Les Jardins de Bargème'. They had created a 'light' menu for us, which tasted wonderful, but was on the heavy side with a starter, main and desert - and wine... But we enjoyed it enormously:
And afterwards we still had plenty of energy left for another drawing. Some of us even had time to give their drawing a 'wash' with a bit of colour...
We had a lovely second session, and then packed and went bck to the Hangar...
A top day had come to an end - and everyone was tired - but agreed it was wonderful. 

We plan to go there again in the second half of August... So watch this space -and your mail box- for more info.
Hoping you have a fan-tas-tic summer,
Marina & Pim