Monday 22 October 2018

New Series - Pim Presents

Now and then Pim is extra delighted with an acrylic painting. That painting will then appear in 'Pim Presents' We start with:

Mer baltique vue en Estonie
Bernard Fauroux

Agnès Coirier

Thursday 18 October 2018


Are you looking forward to the Mixed Media Workshop by Benjamin Baccarani?! Here is all the information for you:
  • The Workshop starts on FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER 2pm - 5pm

  • The fee is €15

  • Minimum 5 and maximum 8 participants.

It is highly recommended to attend at least 4 sessions and to book the sessions in advance!

After the introduction, the other three Mixed Media workshops are on SATURDAYS: 17 and 24 November and 1 December also from 2 - 5pm

Generate original ideas and concepts, using a variety of mixed mediums, for the creation of a personal drawing or painting.

You will work with different surfaces and use techniques which support the concept of the work.

Prepping the surface
Drawing for mixed media
Monograph and Collagraph
Using Patterns and making stencils
Collage from Photographs and paint accents
Constructive destruction
Mark making, painting and erasing.

This workshop is for Hangar Members. If there is space left, non-members can participate for a fee plus a temporary membership. For specs please contact us
Payment of the 15€ per session at the beginning of each session
Subscribe here or directly via to get the workshop syllabus and supply list

Contact :
Portfolio :
Instagram : @art.isaac


Monday 8 October 2018


Next sunday, 14 october, "Art Hasard" art expression and personal development workshop

The purpose of this art expression workshop is to experience the 'letting go' through the creative process.
You will detach yourself from the mental process opening to the multiple possibilities that the chance can give to you.

Informations: Francesca Messina Tel.0787693950 -

South of France English Theatre presents: Anton Dikken!

Didn't want to keep the following for you: you may know that the previous president of the Hangar board, honorary member Anton Dikken, is a talented painter and drawer. But it may be new to you that he is also a gifted actor!
Anton will perform on 6 occasions in the SET theatre in Le Cannet, as one of the leading characters in 'The Ladykillers' by Graham Lineham.

"Come and see this charming black comedy about five gentlemen planning a major robbery under the nose of their innocent elderly landlady. Posing as musicians, they must convince her of their disguise until everything goes horribly wrong... "

(Yes, you've seen it correctly, Sally Ducrow is the actual star in this play!)

Friday - Sunday 12,13,14 and 19,20 and 21 October.
163 Rue Saint Sauver, Le Cannet


Saturday 6 October 2018

Hangar Daytrip to Tourtour

It is already some time ago that a small group of drawing enthusiasts went to the lovely village of Tourtour for the last mini-trip of the year! It was Friday 21 September, 9am when we drove away from the Hangar and 10.30 we arrived in this typical Provençal picturesque village with lovely streets and nice terrasses! We started with a cup of coffee...

In the meantime we also checked the best spots to draw. We were spoiled for choice, Tourtour is  high on the list of  ‘les plus beaux villages de France’ for a reason! 
I don't have pictures of all the drawings and will happily add them later if the artists send them to me!

 Patrick and Brenda both started with the arch with the bell tower(ette)

 Brenda's version, awesome as always!

 Patricks' - completely different in style!

 There was a tree in the middle of the parc that was losing its leaves and Patrick caught that in his second drawing

Of course Bev, Karin & Sylvia created drawings in the morning too. But no pics yet! Anyway - here's a record of them doing what they like best: 

Around 12.30 we sat down for a lovely lunch in a local non-touristy restaurant. The food was fabulous, so was the wine - and the service, the company, in short -the general atmosphere!

Around 2pm we went back to sketching and drawing with renewed energy!

 The contrast of trees and architecture by Sylvia
 and a glimpse of a typical Tourtour street, drawn by Brenda. 

The village pump by Patrick

Sylvia working on her contrast of foliage and architecture...
There were also excellent drawings by Bev and Karin - if they read this: please send pics of your drawings to me and I will add them and re-post!

More minitrips to look forward to in 2019! So watch this space...