Saturday 27 April 2019

Marina's (Land) Art Installation in the Jardin de MIP

Since 25 April there is a contemporary art exhibition, with land art and installations, in the Gardens of the Musée de la Parfumerie de Grasse. It is called 'Figures Libres'.

One of the 11 exhibiting artists is yours truly, Marina Kulik.
Below I 'll show you some of the artwork, but the garden itself is a real reason to go, it is truly fabulous. A haven of peace, only natural methods are used to maintain it.  I have been there regularly the past couple of months and every time I have discovered new, beautiful and interesting plants and smells. Seriously recommended! 

It is in Mouans Sartoux (next to Botanic, plenty parking space) and the gardens are open every day from 10am - 6 pm. 
Also great for a stroll with your visitors!
Open until 30 September by the way, so no rush😊...
I will leave some maps and posters in the Hangar for your information.

My installation 'the O of Oxygen' is easy to find, it is close to the entrance (number 10 on the map) and after next week it will have beautiful signs saying 'l'O de l'Oxygène'. As soon as the roses are in full bloom it will be very romantic!

  There are 3 O's... One clear circle,, the other two are the best from a distance because of the perspective

the 'Insect Hotel' by Fiona Paterson... She also hopes the plants will cover a bit more, and of course that bees and other beasties will go stay there.

Perfume Bottle, created out of tin cans - by land artist-sculptor Sally Ducrow

A huge bird out of twigs created by artist and organiser Cathie Cuby
'Fragrances' by Jean Jaques Castex

'Bundle' by Philippe Scardina consists of big bamboo bundles which disappear into the ground and come out of it a couple of meters further (picture above and below) like a big wave.

Bamboo Weaver, by Kim Cao, an interactive artwork is also waiting for the plants to grow in and over it,  with Francesca Messina in the foreground...

The installation 'Fragile' by Tiziano looks like a traffic sign and wants to point out the fragility of nature’s biological processes and our obligation to respect them.

'Morpho' by Isabelle Aubry, 200 wooden butterflies on a tree trunk. 

And many more artworks!

Monday 1 April 2019

The Aquarellistas Exhibit in Valbonne! from 2 - 14 April!

Come to the wonderful exhibition of the Aquarellistas in the monumental Salle St Esprit (next to the church) in Valbonne:
You'll get that true 'Spring' feeling
with paintings in lovely transparent paint on beautiful paper
You'll see so many different styles and excellent quality all over
If you are looking for a gift or something to light up a wall:
Most paintings are for sale and the prices are reasonable 
We have a large choice of stunning and very original postcards for 4€ per piece
There will be contests ('which one is the painting') with prizes
 You can choose your favourite painting - and win a prize
We'll give demonstrations - and you can give the technique a try yourself

Open every day from 10 am - 6pm
The vernissage (official opening) will be on 5 April, 6pm

 'Choose the best in show'
"Seen through the eyes of Aquarellistas"


'Which one is the photo'