Monday 30 June 2014

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Cathie van der Stel

Wine, Women and song
A typical 'Chateau des Demoiselles'-bottle by Bev - cheese coming up by the look of it
Last Week the Aquarellista group was led by the wonderful Cathie van der Stel! She suggested to work on themes for our upcoming exhibition in Chateau des Demoiselles: "Wine" and "Women" in all possible ways.
As you can see above and below, it was picked up very well by everyone (not all artwork was photographed - but believe me it all looked so good! you can see who was the teacher du jour)
By the way - these are all projects in progress and they will end up being small paintings in our successful 'same-frame'-format...
 Elia B.'s Vin et souris

 Liz's inspiration from the word Wine

Wine according to Sandra - and a very beautiful hand. Well done!

Emily just joined the group. She's a bold user of colours as you can see here and she will no doubt blend in perfectly with the rest of the group after she's finished the starter exercises...

Coming Tuesday yours truly will be absent again and you can look forward to another lovely session with Cathie! From the 8th of July onwards everything is back to normal and FYI: the last watercolour class before the holidays will be on 29 July... We start again 2nd week of September (but we'll be working on our expo and be in touch before that)

Monday 23 June 2014

Aquarelle-Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Last week the Aquarellistas proceeded with the clouds - this time we didn't follow the youtube instuctions, but used our own insights (and lots of kitchen paper). As you can see below and above, that led to better results - we're better when the initiative is ours, so much is clear! It was a lovely afternoon and we welcomed 3 new painters, and also we had Mieke (who has been absent for serious reasons) in our midst, which was great! And what's more, she had not forgotten how to paint...



 Elia B.





Apart from the clouds, there were a couple of projects that needed attention - and which worked out very very well:





The painting by Emily, is her very first watercolour. It is Exercise Number One of our book - meant to show the differences and similarities with colour-mixing and colour-layers, and she did a near-perfect job... I have high hopes for her!!

ABSTRACT VIBRATIONS NEWS:Price winners from THE HANGAR, yesterday at Espace Miramar in Cannes!

Who had thought that our 2 Hangar ABSTRACT girls would win a price?
I just went to look at the exposition, and support Karin Kellinger and Merete Frickmann  at the price winning ceremony. Than all of the sudden they win both prices for abstract paintings and on top of that Karin Fellinger wins the overal GRAND PRIX DE PEINTURE, de l'Association des amis de l'ile Saint Marguerite.
FANTASTIC, we are all soo proud!  Especially PIM de Jongh
Good publicity for our Association too.
Well done girls!

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Karin Fellinger and Merete Frickmann expose in Cannes, ESPACE MIRAMAR 12-23 June 2014

The group Abstract Vibrations is very proud to announce that 2 of them have been asked to join an exposition of paintings in Cannes, this week, in Cannes.
Go and have a look. Remise de prix the 22nd.
Espace Miramar, on the Croisette.
Here a few of their works to have in impression.
For more information please, contact Karin 0607225464
Well done girls!!!

Tuesday 17 June 2014

A healthy Still life on Monday Morning

Knowing that a bit of fruit in the morning is good for you, Pim created this fantastic still life for the 4 participants of last Monday morning, Betty, Brenda, Lucia and Patience... And it truly inspired them as you can see below!
The challenge was to only use colour for the fruit - and leave the rest in graphite...





NB: Monday the 23d we have a live Model session, with Marie-Jo!

Monday 16 June 2014

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

A nice set of clouds by Anna-Karin 

Last Tuesday we had an old fashioned 'class'... With the help of several youtube movies (just google "How to paint clouds with watercolours") we managed an impressive number of great clouds - check some of 'em out here:
(and forgive me if I get the names wrong: they're all equally good, I couldn't really recognise the styles...)

Clouds & birds also by Anna-Karin

 Brenda's set with different weather types - very expressive!

 Happy Caribbean summerclouds by Cathie



 Liz' clouds over a misty village

Nusch's set of clouds, much improved! well done...

Basic tricks: Wet your paper to get the colours flowing, make enough paint before you start, (just the primaries are necessary) make it darker than you think it should be (as it dries up lighter) and use kitchenpaper or a dry flat brush for the cloud shapes. Lots of variations and additions are of course possible!

Monday 9 June 2014

Aquarelle on Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm

Works in progress...
After being so busy with our exhibition, the aquarellistas went for 'an easy subject' last Tuesday. I brought pictures, because they don't move and the light stays the same and they are already in 2 dimensions - and so did most of the group! And we played music and we had a wonderful time, and not one work was finished when we  stopped. But the paintings looked so good when I saw them just now that I am posting the pictures anyway! Plenty of inspiration for all of you

 Brenda went for a very transparent sunflower, seen from underneath

 Cathie started with the scissors that she photographed during the antique market in Valbonne (every first Sunday of the month)

 Edith works on a lovely portrait of her little niece. What an atmosphere, delicious!

 A great looking combination between transparency and Liz' s bold style and colours, I am curious what it will look like when the masking fluid comes off!

This is Sandra's, yet I'm pretty sure everyone would love to finish this painting, with clear shadows and bright colours... or... well we'll see what it will end up like!!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Drawing outside with Pim on the Monday morning

Last Monday there were 6 participants in Pim's class - that's more like it!!
Lucia brought 2 talented friends, Michele and Valentina, and the group went to Notre Dame du Brusc to draw the vegetation in a "scribbling" way, add some colour to it, in contrast to the stone building treated in lines.

Here are the results....