Tuesday 10 December 2019

13 - 15 December: EXPO of Francesca Messina's artwork in Biot

From Friday the 13th of December until the 15th, Francesca Messina exhibits weavings and paintings  with the original jewelry of Maura Biamonti in the small and lovely 'atelier du Cordonnier' in the rue de la Poissonnerie !

You are invited to meet her at the opening on the 13th at 18:30 - or during the weekend.

à partir du 13 décembre jusqu'à le 15 Francesca Messina expose à Biot dans le petit et jolie 'atelier du Cordonnier' en rue de la Poissonnerie! Elle expose ses tissages et peintures avec les bijoux originales de Maura Biamonti.

Venez la rencontrer au vernissage le 13 à 18:30 ou pendant le week end.

Thursday 5 December 2019



Last drawing class 2019 on Monday 23 December
No acrylics class on Wednesday 25 Dec
Last acrylics class 2019 on
Saturday 28 December,
Pim starts again on Saturday 4 Jan 2020 (acrylics)

Last oil class on Tuesday 17 December 2019
Nelly starts again Tuesday
7 January 2020

Marina K:
Last Aquarelle class on Thursday 19 December 2019
Marina K. Starts again Thursday
9 January 2020

Cours Sculpture jeudi 19 decembre 2019
jeudi 9 janvier 2020

Marina T:
Last Cold Wax/oil class Friday
20 December 2019
Marina T. starts again Thursday
9 January 2020 (pastel)

Starts with the print making class on Friday
10 January 2020

Last atelier: Sunday 8 December 2019
First atelier 2020:  12 January 2020

Thursday 28 November 2019

20 December: Workshop Linocut Printmaking with Josie Gallagher

Special Holiday Season Greeting Cards Workshop

On Friday 20 December: Linocut Printmaking with artist Josie Gallagher

In 2020 we'll have a new regular class, in Print Making, on Friday mornings from 10 - 12.30
To show what this is about, Josie gives a special workshop on 20 December.

About the Workshop: 
Linocut printmaking is a simple and accessible technique. Initially it requires only a few simple tools and a minimum amount of materials. We carve a linoleum plate with gouges and then ink the plate and hand print onto paper, cloth, wood or other surfaces.

As with any simple technique, the possibilities to be creative and playful are endless! It is a great technique that makes you think about the basics of image making. Once a lino sheet is carved, its print can be reproduced an endless amount of times. A great way to start is to work on creating and printing your own greeting cards for Christmas or the New Year."

25 € - materials included  (linoleum sheets, paper, ink, and use of carving tools, rollers, hand press)
To reserve your place, mail info@hangarart.org or get in touch with Josie

About Josie Gallagher:
She is a painter and print maker. She grew up in Le Bar sur Loup and recently returned  there with her American husband Adam and their two young children Noé and Solal. She spent most of the past fifteen years traveling, studying and working as an artist . 

"The art I make is often inspired by the places in which I have found myself.. Over the past few years I have lived in Lebanon, Morocco, Greece and Guatemala, all places which possess rich cultures of pattern work - patterns inspired by nature or based in abstract geometry - and it is this interest in all these various patterns that has become the thread linking together my paintings and my prints over the years."

Mobile: 07 66 69 68 44

Expo and workshop in Valbonne:
Josie will be exhibiting her work alongside that of Barbara Hannig at gallery Casablu in Valbonne from december 9th to 15th. On Wednesday 11th between 3 and 5 PM at the gallery, she will be running a linocut workshop open to children over 10, teens and adults

And for more examples, these images are of greeting cards that Josie makes. Just to give you an idea of what can be done during a workshop. All are hand-printed linocuts:

Mobile: 07 66 69 68 44