Tuesday 28 February 2017

Pim Monday evening course students at 200% of their creativity

Pim Monday evening course students should be ready for the show this summer, but many challenges await them before the big day... Let's see a couple of their promising artworks!

Outsized artwork of Imme on the left.
Pim is checking the artwork of Karin on the right.

Squared artwork of Patrick.
And another one from Patrick...
Inflamed artwork of Corinne
Hypnotic artwork of Jean-Marc
Karin in action
Imme in action

Monday 27 February 2017

Pim's Monday Drawing Class

On odd Mondays, Pim has a drawing group. As soon as the weather is good enough, they go outside to draw in nature, in villages or in other beautiful places with ruins or animals. And when the weather doesn't permit - Pim builds one of his fabulous still lives. Like last Monday. Look at this! It is so gorgeous (and makes your mouth water!)
 Of course the group totally enjoyed it as you can see:
They are drawing with colour pencil, which inspired the following excellent drawings:








After seeing this, you may feel like joining this group - well, next session will be on Monday 13 March - feel free to pop in! More info via the Hangar Website

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Monday Night Abstract painting - NEWS

In preparation for the 4th ABSTRACT VIBRATIONS exposition,  a lot of new paintings are created.
Here some shots from work in progress:

More exciting information coming soon.....


There are lots of new activities in the Hangar. Coming up soon: a new Print Making Class.
And even sooner: a Portrait Drawing Workshop!

Starting on Friday 17 March, with teachers Marina Kulik and Cathie van der Stel,  the Portrait Drawing Workshop will take place 5 Friday mornings – after which there will be a couple of open portrait sessions (with models)
Cathie and Marina use an unconventional method that guarantees a LOT OF FUN & a sensational improvement in your drawing skills!

You will learn all there is to know about proportions, contrast, outlines, empty spaces, composition, dark, light, shadow, expression and details like hair, glasses, teeth etc.

For the theory class there is a maximum of 10 participants! First come first served, so subscribe quickly if you are interested. FOUR PLACES LEFT
The cost: 20€ per session, including all materials and models. NB: The first 5 theory sessions (100€) need to be paid up front.

For the life sessions we accept more than 10 students, so others who have some previous knowledge of portrait drawing are welcome to attend.

This class is recommended for starters – yet it has proved to be fun, hard work and an eye opener for advanced portraitists too!
Time: 10 – 12 am

Dates Theory : Friday mornings from 17 March – 14 April

Dates Live Model: Friday mornings from 21 April

Location: Hangar, 310 Chemin du Ranch, 06740 Chateauneuf de Grasse

Interested? Contact Marina and Cathie via info@hangarart.org for more information or to subscribe

NB: The workshop & its handouts will be in English and a (temporary) Hangar membership is required

Thursday 16 February 2017

The results of the ceramic workshop

Look at the amazing pieces that came out of the kiln !

The first Sunday workshop Anitta taught the participants how to make pieces using the slab technique. T his is a technique where one uses a rolling pin - its just like baking. Afterwards the different pieces are cemented together with "glue" and a little bit of work to make sure that they don't come apart. They are left to dry for 2 weeks then fired in the kiln.

The second Sunday the pieces were glazed. Anitta came with recipes for matt and shiny finishes. Everyone could chose how to finish of their piece - and here you can see the results.

A collection of fun birds

The other piece that was made the first Sunday was a square pot. People started from the same patern - but the end results were very different. Some going for a totally matt finish - others opted for a shiny finish - and some for a mix.

Oh so different
Detailed pots
Rustic pots
And ..... the whole collection

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Atelier Expression Artistique "Art et Corps" on 26 February

Artistic expression workshop "Art et Corps"
Sunday 26 February 
 Hours: 9: 30-12: 30 (13:00)
Le Hangar 310 - Chemin du Ranch - Chateauneuf de Grasse

On Sunday 26 February, Francesca Messina hosts another 'Artistic Expression' Workshop!
It is the first in a series of three workshops which are meant to enable the participants to observe, feel and graphically translate their sensory (art and body), emotional (art and heart) and intellectual (art and head) universe....To express these sensations, there will be acrylic paint, chalks and oil pastels.
With this workshop the contact with the sensations of the body will be awakened and you will develop your capacity to represent its personnel felt through the pictorial expression.
If you are interested in participating please confirm  as soon as possible via francescames@yahoo.it

Dimanche 26 février aura lieu l'atelier « art et corps », premier d'un cycle de trois ateliers dont le but est de amener les participants à observer, sentir et traduire graphiquement leur univers sensoriel (art et corps), émotionnel (art et cœur) et intellectuel (art et tête).
Au fin de donner une forme visuelle à vos sensations physiques il y aura de la peinture acrylique, des craies et des pastels à l'huile.
Le but de cet atelier est de réveiller le contact avec les sensations du corps et de développer la capacité de représenter son personnel ressenti à travers l'expression picturale.
Si vous êtes intéressés à participer merci de confirmer votre présence le plus tôt possible via francescames@yahoo.it.