Monday 30 March 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Cathie's old brushes on a wooden table

A lovely Tuesday, last week with the aquarellistas! On the one hand, Cathie and Liz were researching the properties of  Gauze and spraying paint, others were finishing their mandala's and the idea du jour was to create designs for our own Hangar-mugs... Those mugs will hit the shelves later! Christiane was quite far with her design of lozenges patterns for her mug:

Christiane's diamonds

 Agnès's mandala: with her personal four seasons - not yet finished, I show it because it is so funny & promising - all the black dots are masking fluid - they will be white in the finished painting...

 Avril painted this beautiful waterlily with reflection and decided to paint dewdrops on the leaves. They have come out a bit dark, but nothing that a little extra wash on those leaves can't help! More next week

 Edith worked on a variety of subjects, and (pushed by us) also did a bit more to her mandala. 
New: the snake... and to be continued

Liz's Mandala is truly amazing!! So original! Not yet decided about the background - 
Dark or light, what do you think?

Friday 27 March 2015

Live Model on Monday mornings - with Marina

 1 minute poses, model slowly turning around

Above and below the drawings of last Monday's drawing group. Starters, Rusties and Regulars - all were doing their very best and that is clear from the pictures.Which Clare took (Thank you!!). She did such a good job that I couldn't choose, they were all so good, I post them all!
NB: If you want to see them better, just click on the pictures...

 10 minute pose I

 10 minute pose II

10 minute pose III

After the break - almost an hour... Hence the colours, and the experiments!!

Monday 23 March 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

 Liz finished her still life with cutlery. I am SO impressed! Brilliant!
Agnes is back from her travels - and found a lot of inspiration on the way! How about this great coffee with cocao-frog?!

Cathie's still life on its way to experiments with tule,masking fluid and inevitably, salt. Basis is good, and we look forward to the finished painting!!

Edith wasn't happy with her mandala and washed it. She is probably going to work on it a bit more, but we all agreed it is now so fragile and beautiful!

Costanza did a great job on hers - and is now contemplating something to put inside to make it more personal...

More mandala's were started - but not yet far enough to show here... Anna-Karin has one, a very original one. And she also finished her Spring Painting:
Crocuses by Anna-Karin

Friday 20 March 2015

Live model on Monday - with Marina

 We had a great session last Monday! The 'starters' are no longer starters, there is so much progress! Also I was delighted to see Kyriakoula and Maria back from their travels and busy schedules - and they were both in excellent shape...
The morning itself doesn't change much! We had Melisandre as our model and we started with a 'warming up', one-minute poses, in which she slowly turns around. Not everybody is equally good at this, but because there's absolutely no time to think, participants often surprise themselves with their accuracy! (see above). After the one-minute poses, the two minutes all of a sudden seem very long...

After the warming up we draw a couple of poses for 10 minutes and because we started early we could squeeze out three poses before the coffee break!

After refreshing tea coffee and healthy cookies, we have a long pose - until 12 o'clock. Some use that time to get a lot of detail in, shadow, background, resemblance, others walk around and draw the model from various positions, and then there are some who like to experiment... With colours, with paint or other materials... Very interesting results - I love to see so many different styles!:

Monday 16 March 2015

Wednesday 18 March: Café Culture about 'ART CONCRET'


Pim and I have been meeting with Gunther Meyer, the presenter of the coming Café Culture, to check the beamer and the presentation and it's going to be VERY INTERSTING, his presentation about Art Concret...
Just to remind you: it will take place on Wednesday 18 March,  7.30pm
A must-see for all the abstract painters!!!
Lots of minimalist art, sound bytes, great pictures.  Keywords:  Nietsche, Nihilism, Mondrian, Doesburg and De Stijl.
After this interesting presentation, we can discuss, over a nice glass of wine and a nibble.
 Wet silver

 Very subtle knife and spoon by Christine

 Again, we had a fruitful session, this time with the subject 'cutlery'... As you can see in this post, the aquarellistas were at their best once more with this difficult project! There is the drawing, interesting darks and lights, perspective, reflection and metal-look, and then the waterdrops on the silver... a lot of challenge all in one painting.
I am proud to say that it worked out very well, some are even finished. (And I am happy that my knives and forks have their 15 minutes of fame!)
Double spooning - an almost graphical take on things by Avril

 Gorgeous start of an interesting still life, how-does-she-do-that-every-time?? by Cat

 Another graphical representation of two spoons, this one by Costanza

 Is this plate half-full or half empty? What's on it? Is it broken or just covered... Edith's art evokes questions!
 Guest-Guus created a quiet painting out of the still life...

 Liz had her own example with her, even more complicated, but up to now it looks like that will work out very well. The dark dots on the lemon will go: they are dots of masking fluid (also in the reflection)

Sandra worked on her reflection in the lake - girl with flowers. I'm happy she did, the more I look at it the more I love this painting...

Friday 13 March 2015

In Memoriam Wim Teunissen

'Inconceivable that such a thing can happen so unexpectedly. With much sadness we say goodbye to my beloved, indispensable Wim, our dear father, grandfather and 'opie'.
After a short illness, he unexpectedly passed away in the South of France. We will miss him enormously.'

Yvonne Teunissen

As many of you may know by now, our Hangar member Wim Teunissen passed away suddenly, on Friday 6 March. Wim has been a Hangar colleague for a long time and we shall miss his enthusiasm and advice. He will leave a large empty space in Pim’s class. We have passed on our condolences to Wim’s wife, Yvonne, and her family.
Flowers are being sent on behalf of The Hangar. Wim will be cremated in Leusden, The Netherlands, this Saturday March 14 at 16:00. The address is: Crematorium Rusthof, Dodeweg 31, Leusden.
Flowers can be sent to: Tap-Dela Uitvaartzorg, Soestdijkseweg-Zuid 265, Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

Below some recent pictures of Wim which I took during a meal in the Hangar - and then some of his work...

 'Eva Coloris'
 'Sweet Dreams'
'Femme Bleue'

 Live drawing of Marie-Jo

Live drawing of Melisandre