Tuesday 27 September 2022

Hangar AGM 21 September 2022

This year's Hangar AGM was well attended! 
35 members were present. 

It was the final performance of the Hangar Board of 2021-2022, consisting of Ina Carels, Marina Kulik and Arie van Limborgh.
The latter resigned and he was thanked for his many years as treasurer for the Hangar. 
It is time for a change.
Ina and Marina said they would only do it for 1 year. And they kept that promise.
Their mission was to reorganise the Hangar's operations, a fresh start after the Covid episode. Making its procedures more simple and transparent, and easily transferable for the following Board. 
They have had a tough time doing that, and Ina gave an overview of what happened this year 
and what they have achieved ; 
We all have a member cards now, with practical advantages. 
They cleaned up the building, and administration procedures. 
They organised several events, short art trips and the long art trip, and we all remember the great exposition and Art Contest this Summer in Theoule-sur-Mer.
And not to forget the Hangar art book to came from that. 

above the letter of the Board, to all the members to explain the Hangar's organisation now.

Vincent Vroom, the head of the audit committee, reassured that the financial position of the Hangar is very good and stable.  It will take just a few weeks to finalise the figures before they will be send to all members. The audit committee were thanked for all their work.

Ina especially thanked Cassie West, for her continuing work for the Hangar's website and online administration, whom she proposed to be appointed Honorary Member. 
That was agreed on the spot.

Great effort, and great results! 
A BIG Thank You to Marina and Ina.
They have worked very hard and gave a lot of their time. We thank them for their thoroughness and dedication. It is still just voluntary.

Then it was time to say goodbey to the old and welcome the new Board members;

President Sylvie Morlière
Vice- President Imme Kooman-Visscher
Treasurer Celina Schou

All 3 long time Hangar members with a lot of experience in and outside the Hangar, and Sylvie and Celina even already as Board members for several years.

Sylvie just shortly addressed the meeting stipulating that this is a new Hangar year and a new board and  that the board will have it as its main goal to bring back the good atmosphere in the Hangar.

More about the new board in a next blog,

It was time for a drink and some nibbles, to share in each other's company.

A big part of the group was then of to their art trip, wishing them a great and inspirational voyage!

 "a place where members of all ages, nationalities & abilities, 
drawn together by a love of art, 
meet to create, discuss, learn & experiment , 
in a friendly, inspiring atmosphere."