Wednesday 25 February 2015

EXPOSITION in la Napoule starts in a week!

Here all information concerning the upcoming colourful exposition of 2 Hangar Abstract artists from Pim's Monday group.  Sylvia van der Weide and Imme Kooman-Visscher. It is in the new Mairie Annexe of La Napoule, just around the corner of the Chateau de La Napoule. For route  and parking information look on  under culture and expositions.

Please,come and pay us a visit.

Monday 23 February 2015

Crazy Faces in Aquarelle (and oil pastels)

Last Tuesday we felt like having fun - and we did! Helped by oil pastels, lots of big blobs of watercolour paint and straws, we created wild hair on funny-looking faces.Very addictive.

 Christiane's heart shaped face

 Christine painted her daughters - looking forward to the holidays

The oil pastel/watercolour technique can also be used for other things than crazy hair - like this tree by Jovita!
Jovita also worked on a starters exercise - and she did it very well!

Mieke also painted bright colours, suggesting a hand... Can you see it?

Guus took the right/left-brainhalf crunch and was so confused that it took him almost the full 2 hours to get this drawing done... Water-colours next time...

 Sandra finished her wild seascape. I think the orange on the top is exciting!

 And Sandra finished this girl with a flowery hat, in true Sandra-style!

Monday 16 February 2015

Model Drawing - Monday 16 February, with Marina

 This Monday the mix of class, model and teacher was painfully balanced, namely one of each...
Peter was the only participant, and because our model Carolyn came all the way from Nice, by bus, we decided not to cancel but use the fact that she was here and work, very concentrated, on new things. We could literally take every perspective we wanted, plenty of space...
We didn't specifically go for results, Peter worked on the correct proportions and started adding a bit of shadow, to add volume and he did pretty well...
 ...and I worked as fast as I could, in a variety of ways, on black paper with white pencil...
...and on white paper with watercolour paint...

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Overview of a hard working and concentrated Aquarellista group!

Last Tuesday we mainly worked on un-finished projects, and lingered on the baby-animals because they are so nice to as a subject...

How about these fan-tas-tic ducklings ♥♥ by Anna-Karin!!

 Liz's version of the upside-down kitten

Elia b.'s baby elephant, now finished... so sweet!

Avril's duckling - they don't come fluffier than this

 Elia's Giraffe - such a great composition, and the eyes are now perfect!

Elia also started this cat - playing with a 'knot' (our official subject - more about that later, it is complicated and very left-brainhalf)

Yves painted these funny colourful birds

 A signature surrealistic painting by Elia. 
With music and being stuck and growing, all in one.
Is my interpretation (and yours may be completely different... I love it!)

 Sandra working on another very interesting portrait

Sandra's portrait in its first stages

Christine set up a still life in a little corner

She is going to work more 'freestyle' the coming weeks! 
No drawing, painting directly on the paper. 
A good start - more will follow I'm sure!

Friday 13 February 2015

Model drawing on Monday mornings - with Marina

The advanced class: short, shorter, shortest poses! And then almost a full hour...
Here you see a couple of drawings with the same pose from different angels: 
With shortest poses, the model turns around in the same position:

 With the short poses, the viewpoints of all artists differ

And with the very long poses, everyone's perspective is different, but many of the participants actually walk around and draw the model from all edges... Others create a portrait - using all the time for that...

Monday 9 February 2015

Tuesday 2 - 4.30pm, Aquarelle with Marina

 Last Wednesday the aquarellistas painted 'baby-animals' because we thought that would be a good emotional subject to get over calculating and left-brainhalf stripes of the zebra's.
Unfortunately, baby animals are quite fluffy, so we had a challenge. Fluffy in watercolours can be achieved with a lot of water and patience: wet the surface where the fluff is going to be, and paint the dark background leaving out the animal, and add the lighter colour of the fur or the feathers later

Or have a dry hard brush -or a toothbrush- ready, paint the dark background and brush over the dark background. Like litttle mister piggy here:

 You can also create a painting that is so cute that no one cares about the fluffiness, like Agn├Ęs did with this upside-down'n-rolling-around kitten!

  Edith  started an ├╝bercute baby elephant (not furry)

 And Avril and Liz practised on a duckling... Avril's above, not finished, but looks promising!

 Fluffy panda by Cathie (she calls it her depressed Panda - but I clearly see him smile)
Happy penguins in the last rays sunshine by Liz

And then there were projects to finish - and Anna-Karin started her zebra - experiencing the same things as the others had before her... frustration and delight at the same time...

 Looking great! Finished this Tuesday...

 And two wild animals Very Well Done by Edith. 
The tiger is gorgeous, and the Giraffe so special!