Thursday 9 June 2022

Destination: Alpilles! A heavenly Hangar trip...

Mid May, Ina and myself 'tested' the area in which we will draw and paint on the next Hangar Trip. We checked out the hotel rooms, breakfast and dinner. Our feedback: All completely approved! 

And we visited many places in the area, to see if they were as good as we thought.



They were! We took our time and saw so many good ones, there is enough to go back next year! We also sat down to draw:

 Check! Very good for that too. 
We came back, revived, feeling happy and full of energy

O, and did I mention we had excellent lunch? Everything about this trip is highly recommended. So those of you who already signed up - expect a great weekend from 23 - 25 September!

NB: There are still places available, so if you see this and think, I'd like to join, just drop an email to the Hangar email address and we will send you all the necessary information...