Friday, 10 February 2023

Musical Painting! February 10th, Mixed Media Class

 Musical Painting! 

February 10th, Mixed Media Class with Valentine Costes

Friday mornings 9:30am to 12pm


Today we did a "Musical Painting Class", by listening to different music we have different emotions, feelings, thoughts going on... our painting is changing depending on the rhythm and energy of the music... helps also to get more easily to our right brain, in the creative process.


There are many different techniques as inks or spray paint that let ourselves be more random with our paintings. It's also quite interesting to observe ourselves during the process because painting is a wonderful reflection of our current state of mind..!


We definitely felt, more than ever, how important it was to do a right brain exercise at the beginning of each class!

With this exercise it's also a nice way to learn new techniques and be more creative, without having something in mind and just let ourselves enjoy the process of creating!


To participate in the next Musical Painting sessions & Mixed Media Classes, email me to :


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  1. I remember we did this in the abstract class with Pim: and here are the results of the session . It was great fun !