Sunday, 14 May 2023

Busy weekend activities around The Hangar and the village

The outside of our building and space had some cleanup and reshape this weekend.

Thanks to the help of our new teachers and a few members , we managed to get a lot done.

The tree trunk next to the parking area that had been cut by the Mairie of Chateauneuf de Grasse as it was broken by the storm a month ago, turned in to an art piece. 

               before          &   after

The wooden terrace( our theater area) that was falling apart and was dangerously unusable. So we took it  down as saw that all was rotten underneath too. So we just left the canopy structure and will see what economical way we can find to make something more from it. But in the mean time it is a nice and shady spot for us all to use.

             before & after

The sign that was connected to two trees next to the road before and that was blown away by the storm too,  was succesfully put on our front side and the colorful street number sign was put on the empty  wall around the corner, making our Hangar even more visible from all sides.

At the yearly Fete d'Agriculture of Chateauneuf de Grasse which usually attracts a lot of visitors and certainly did this year, one of our new teachers distributed Hangar flyers. So hoping for some new members to join our Hangar community.

Thanks to all those that helped out.

The Hangar Board  

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