Sunday 15 October 2023


    and house rules now  /
on a des nouvelles statutes et règles de fonctionnement

OUR  ANNUAL  General Meeting that took place last Friday evening, was a very productive one .

The atmosphere was good, the
 Board's President gave an extensive overview of what has been done this year and what the board has planned to do more this coming year.
Main things that were mentioned are the website update, more attention to internet marketing, beside our standard program.
This coming spring , the Hangar art trip will be back too!
The president thanked all volunteers.

A clear and transparent financial overview was given
 and the budget was agreed on.

The vice- president then explained the necessity of the update of our statutes that originated from 1999, the year that our association was founded, and the implementation of house rules.

They will be available at the hangar .

The board continues without Thecla Brand , she was thanked for her great help.

There was time for questions and ideas were exchanged about better visibility of the Hangar.
 The board can not do this all on its own. 
So please , if you have a bit of time and want to help our great community continue to flourish......please let the board know.

en fr:

We then ended with a drink and a nibble together.

 Merci beaucoup 
the Hangar Board


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