Monday 1 July 2024

3d Party Creative Workshops in the Hangar

Did you know that you can rent the Hangar space to organise creative workshops for your friends or clients and host them yourself or make a deal with one of the teachers to do that for you. It used to be common practise in the Hangar! And last Saturday, Teacher Marina hosted a workshop for a Dutch group of friends. They celebrated a birthday of one of them and wanted to create paintings in the Sunny South of France, with easels and  brushes and lots of paint, like real artists! And what better place to feel like a real artist than the Hangar...

Their Challenge: Create a 'Poster-Style' painting of what the CĂŽte d'Azur means to you.
Their other Challenge: the muddy rain... But being Dutch they couldn't care less😃they are used to a bit of rain and found it pretty warm, especially when accompanied by magnums of RosĂ© and excellent appetizers!

After Marina's intro they set to work on a sketch, to get their thoughts and symbolism on paper and determine a composition.

They were so serious - and Marina was 'happily surprised with their creativity'

The inspiration came from all directions! Rosé, Cheese, Beach scenes & Nudists as well as spiffy Bikinis

And then Beach chairs, Prawns with lemon, the Fabulous Light (in a not yet finished portrait) & Oysters

Barbecue, more Rosé & an amazing sunset, a very good poster with lots of AZUR blue and more beach chairs... Amazing that none of these painters is an actual artist, they were so talented, original and creative!


And then the line-up, with happy faces! 

It was great - and it can be your event as well...
For info on prices and available dates, just contact Imme or Celina of the board or click here

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