Sunday, 10 July 2022

Short Trip to Peillon

On Friday 8 July, a group of 10 avid drawers (enthusiastic teachers Marina T and Marina K included) travelled to Peillon in 4 cars. We arrived in the beautiful little village around 10h30, had a coffee and quickly looked for a place with a view! The idea was to get to know Peillon first by creating small drawings of a couple of nice parts of the village. It was tricky with that burning sun - yet everyone found excellent cool and inspiring drawing spaces!

There was a fantastic church, and lots of  beautiful little streets - different types, lots of variation... It was a bit of a warming up, also for teachers Marina T and Marina K who passed by regularly to check out what everyone was doing, to help if needed and to bring materials. They climbed all these stairs several times!
Around 12h30 we started the absolutely magnificent lunch in the Auberge de la Madone. Highly recommended and thank you Ina for finding it!! After lunch we went back into the village and started the next project - drawing one point in the village, using simple colour tones to enhance the impression of shadow and perspective
 We continued full of inspiration and drew and painted until 5h30!! Then we discussed the results - you can see them below, with apologies for the quality of the photos, partly due to the shadows of those magnificent plane trees - and with a special mention for Beverly, who created the excellent oil painting (top-right corner)


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  1. That you Marina (s) for organising - a really lovely day Vanessa x