Saturday, 22 October 2022

Great tip for a beautiful and inspiring exposition, to visit this week in Valbonne's , Salle St.Esprit

A colourful and diverse exhibition takes place until October 30th. A must see!

Marina Kulik , one of Hangar's  lovely and inspiring teachers, exposes with Sally Ducrow, an independent artist who specialises in  Land Art.

The exposition, 'Mondes Paralleles' , shows works from them using only recycled materials, beside others.

They have created different worlds,  each with their artistic visions,  subjects and materials , which makes this exhibition very colourful and diverse indeed.

A Cosmic World, an Artistic World, a Spiritual World and also the World of Valbonne.

There are sculptures from pieces of nature, paintings in all kind of media and styles.

For all tastes there is something and all pieces are for sale at reasonable prices .

Yesterday evening was the well visited vernissage. It was a warm and joyful event, with lots of family and friends  present. 

Our President , Sylvie Morliere, added a colourful speech  and it was finished off  with a drink and some nibbles.

Thanks ladies. Great accomplishment! Congratulations Marina and Sally!

Go and have a look for yourself to see their Parallel Worlds of creativity and inspiration.

Where? In the fabulous building, the Salle St. Esprit, next to the church in the old medieval village of valbonne.

A great exhibition place , with faulted ceilings great light and atmosphere.

When? Until the 30th of October

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