Friday, 27 January 2023

Getting the final touches! Friday 27th, Mixed Media Class

 Getting the final touches! 

Friday 27th, Mixed Media Class


Today we took the time to finish the paintings. Getting the final touches and refine what was necessary!

Was a perfect learning for knowing when to stop... and that sometimes by wanting to go too fast we have to do it again, then it's taking more time at the end!


We had the pleasure to welcome our new student, Glenda! Ready to discover more with Mixed Media!
(Maybe you are the next one? 😉)

That's the wonderful landscapes finished, or almost! I am really happy to see how each painting turned out, and mainly super happy of all the feedbacks of learning process I got!
Thanks to my students for being ready to learn new things and let go of mental.

 Happy to see you soon for our next class with MUSIC ! Listening to different music is totally changing our process and emotions through painting... that what we will experiment together.

For joining the class, email me to :

I will add you to the WhatsApp group to have all the info.


Valentine Costes


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