Saturday, 28 January 2023

The Hangar Expo "Inspirations Américaines" is now open!

 First of all - a big thank you to the board of the Hangar! They made this happen. The Hangar is active, 'out there' and successful in all respects because of Sylvie, Imme, Celina and Thecla. They work so hard to get things done (yes, with wonderful volunteers & the teachers). Super, and much appreciated by all the members!!

It showed, on the Saturday morning. The vernissage, offered by the mairie, started at 12h30 and despite the parking difficulties of almost everyone, it was chock full of people!

There were so many visitors, the artists themselves obviously, almost all teachers, the board - yet most in numbers were the interested people from Valbonne and  environs.

The  comments I picked up were very positive!
Visitors mentioned the quality, of the artwork and also of the (renovated) Salle St Esprit. They also commented on the talent of the Hangar artists, how colourful and uplifting it was, and how original!

Others were 'proud of us', 'happily surprised' and 'amazed by the variation'. I talked to several visitors who were interested in becoming a member of such an international creative community.

During the official opening, we listened to good -and concise- speeches of the maire, M. Cesaro and our president Sylvie Morlière. And then it was time for beautiful pizza and pisaladière and wine
 It was a very good Official Opening - that is over now, but the artwork stays, until Sunday 12 February. You can come in anytime between 11am and 6pm, every day except Monday, see and enjoy all that excellent artwork for yourself and meet the artists...

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  1. Thank you Marina for the nice comment and the photos!