Tuesday 11 June 2024

The Hangar Spring Trip to Arles I

On Friday morning 7 June a group of enthusiastic artists drove all the way to the city of Arles to do what they like best - to draw and paint the view outside of a beautiful place with something for everybody

We were with a total of  20 of which 15 creatives and after the ride we installed ourselves on the Place de la République in the centre of Arles, around the fountain and the obelisk,  in the nearby monastery and in the quaint little streets .

We worked so hard and full of enthusiasm, some of us in the burning sun, others in the shadows. Many encounters with local people who were interested - and lots of tourists of all nationalities. (And a guitarist who played 4 songs over and over again. We were the only ones noticing that because we stayed in one place a little longer than the average visitor😆)
It was the first half day and we all had been travelling, yet the Artwork was exceptional, the Marinas were proud of and happy with the results, see for yourself:

After all that good stuff we drove back to the hotel, for a shower, a swim, a walk -and then our first fan-tas-tic and convivial dinner together, outside in the warm weather.

It was an excellent first day and we had more to come! Watch this space for more...

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