Friday 14 June 2024

The Hangar Spring Trip to Arles II

 After a great drawing session and then a wonderful dinner on Friday night, where they received their well-deserved present (a small sketchbook and a pen) from the Marinas, the artists left on Saturday 8 June, 9.30am - for a full day of drawing. 

First stop: the Arena, an impressive Roman amphitheatre, with inside lots of interesting corners, pillars, arches, statues, collapsed stone staircases and of course the big round performance area. And outside the view on the Arena, and many lovely old houses, shops and restaurants.

The assignment was to use pen (felt pen, Bic pen, ink) and work without eraser.
Everyone drew both inside the Arena and outside, and around 12.30 the Marinas did their 'line up', with all the works - lots of artists used their new small sketch books! - to learn from each other and get new ideas.

Here are the results for you!

Well done! 
And then it was time for a good bit of lunch...

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