Friday, 12 November 2021

The Hangar Spring Trip to Castigliano del Lago, part 2

A fantastic day on the Isola Maggiore

The previous post about the Hangar trip (scroll down if you missed it) showed the drawings and paintings that everyone created on the first day, in the village.
This second post gives an impression of that wonderful island, in the middle of the Lago Trasimeno. Everything about the island is different from the villages on the mainland, the buildings, the animals (lots of semi-tame pheasants) and the plants (Oleanders with round seed pods). The skies were blue, the temperature was exactly right, the beach was breathtaking, the boat trip there and back was amazing. 

The artwork was wonderful as well, it will be shown when we get together for a trip reunion, end of November. But here are some action photo's to give you an impression of what inspired it!

Could you all send me your best trip-pictures, via WeTransfer?
It is easy, just follow the link
(and take the 'Free - Starter Kit' option.)

If you prefer to send by email, please keep the pictures small.

As we mentioned before we will soon organise a Trip-reunion, where we will project them ALL on the big screen. That's going to be such fun!!!

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