Monday, 22 November 2021

The Hangar Spring Trip to Castigliano del Lago, part 3

 The last day of our trip involved a lot of hard work: We asked the participants to produce a Poster, inspired by the impressions of the past 3 days...

The poster contest that followed was juried by ourselves, and a lot of impartial others. The posters were only numbered. They are fantastic, all different, original and very well executed! We are so proud of every single member of this group!!! 

Have a look, here are the results (with apologies to Bev, who created a poster in oil, on canvas, that couldn't be hung on the window with tape. And I didn't take a picture... But there is an action picture:

Really good quality - and amazing to see those different styles!! From minimal in charcoal to super detailed with watercolours to the before-mentioned oil!! Then the voting took place...

... and right after the voting we started our last, absolutely fabulous 5-course Italian meal, with music and dancing. 
Above a couple of pictures, but if you want to see everything, come to our reunion, for which you will be invited per email. 
We will have all pictures as well as movies, where you will see everyone dance (Patrick!!! Ton!!! Gonny!!!😅) and have a lot of fun!!

We congratulate Moira and Marie-Anne with their well-deserved first prize (an Aquarellista cookbook and a couple of ingredients, as well as a honorary place in the hotel) and we look forward to seeing you pop in for the reunion. (and to the next one!)

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